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On-line Baking and STEAM Science Workshops 2-12 Years Old

Kidchen Club has carefully selected the STEAM subjects and baking recipes for the on-line workshops so parents and children can enjoy the interaction with our certified English baking and science teachers via the live camera. We offer weekly theme-based cooking and STEAM science program in English. We use food and cooking as a launching point to introduce multi-disciplinary subjects, math, science, language, culture, art, nature, building, technology, emotional and social development and essential life skills to children, which allows them to engage in a fun, hands-on and multi-sensory learning experience.

On-line Class Fee is the same as In-Person Class Fee. Can deduct from the membership credit.
Class Fees: 50 minutes for $880; 90 minutes for $1200 per person booking, including one baking box or science box delivery HOME!

For 90 minutes class, $450 per box
For 50 minutes class, $350 per box
Per delivery, $150 delivery fee for the 1st box; $50 for the 2nd box and so on; free delivery for over $1500.
  1. The booking will be confirmed when the payment is received. Please confirm your booking 7 days before the class starts. No schedule changed or refund policy within 7 days before the class starts. If students can’t attend class, they will receive the video recorded from the class. (Only for students that couldn’t cancel the booking in time)
  2. Once the booking is confirmed, the tool list will be released through the official LINE account.
  3. For Cooking class, the oven, stove intrusion, mixing bowl, sifter, spatula, knife, chopping board, measuring cup and measuring spoon are the “MUST HAVE” tools. Please prepare them in advance.
  4. For STEAM Science class, the scissor, craft knife, glue, stapler, double side tape, clear tape or duct tape, paintings, markers or color pencils are the “MUST HAVE” tools. Please prepare them in advance.
  5. The baking and science box will be only sent 4 days before the class starts. Once you receive the box, please check and report if any items are damaged  (caused by delivery) on the same day. We will find the solution as soon as possible.
  6. For below 7 years old, one adult needs to accompany throughout the workshop. Parents will be responsible for the safety of the use of the tools and children.
 Rolling pin                                    $120
 Stainless Sifter                             $60
 Spatula                                         $50
 Measuring Spoons (5 pieces)       $40
 Silicon butter brush                       $20

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