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STEAM BOX Little Sensory 0-3 YO

Original $ 300

LITTLE PROFESSORS vision is to inspire kids to go away with enthusiasm about learning and wanting to know more about the wonderful world around them.
Through native English speaking teacher’s tutorial video, children will be taught step-by-step and get to know the reasons behind the project.
Every STEAM SCIENCE BOX contains materials of 5 different activities, all designed for children with age from 0-9 years old.
The hands-on activities allow children to learn while having fun and making things go “POP” and “BANG”. Children can connect to science based S.T.E.A.M. subjects from an early age, get familiar with the “SCIENTIFIC” vocabularies and ultimately learn to apply problem-solving skills. Themes include seasons, weather, transport, building, sea life, arctic animals, the earth, space, history, culture, the human body, physics, chemistry and much more. Limited edition like Easter, Halloween, Christmas and birthday party packages will be introduced too upon different seasons.
Don’t let your summer slip away!

STEAM SCIENCE BOX(L)          $1400 with FIVE activities and free delivery to door
STEAM SCIENCE BOX(S)          $300 with ONE activity and delivery fee $150 and extra $50 per box from the 2nd box*
*Extra delivery fee of $100 for regions outside domestic island, ie Jing-Men, Ma-Ju, Peng-Hu, Hsiao-Liu-Chiu

For purchasing the box, steps are as below:

1. Add LINE ID: @kidchenclub
2.LINE us the box name you like to order (Little Sensory).
3. Download and sign the shopping service agreement and take a picture and send us back via LINE.
4. Once you transfer the amount, please send us the last 5 digits of the bank account number and the amount you transfer.
    BANK CODE : 012
    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 727-120009866
5. Recipient, delivery address and contact number
6. We will send out the box after 3 working days.

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