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Little Einstein Chef

Trial $ 990

Original $ 1100

Children are born curious and kitchen is the perfect place to nurture our budding scientists. All recipes work because of science, and the process of cooking resembles a scientific project: observing, categorizing, predicting, experimenting and problem solving. Each workshop has its own scientific cooking theme. It starts off with a scientific food experiment followed by a cooking session. Through the process of cooking, children will observe how food changes in different forms and shapes (i.e., hot/cold, sink/ float, hard/soft, melting and dissolving) while starting to understand the nature of food and develop a good relationship with food in a fun and fascinating way.

Trial class for $990
Single class for $1100
*For 2-4 years old, one parent needs to accompany throughout the workshop.
*Advance reservation and payment is required before workshop booking is confirmed.

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