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STEAM Science Summer Camp

Little Professors offer weekly theme-based STEAM science camps to explore the magical word with seasons, natural disasters, transport, bridges, sea life, the earth, space, the human body, chemistry and much more.
When having STEAM Science, they are encouraged to think outside the box, to ask questions, perform investigations, get familiar with the “scientific” vocabulary and ultimately learn to apply problem-solving skills through each science project.
The hands-on activities allow children to learn while having fun and making things go ‘pop’ and ‘bang’.

The whole day camp will be conducted as the cooking in the morning and science camp in the afternoon. For the daily cooking program, please refer to the cooking camp introduction in the official site.

Age : 4-10 years old(Half day for 4 years old is suggested)

Half day camp : $1,900
Day camp : $3,400
Half day of the whole week camp : $8,500
Week camp : $13,800
2 camps for 10% off

For Detailed availability, please contact us  with LINE!

Daily Schedule :
4-10 years old
10:00-10:10               Be there and get ready for the day
10:10-12:00               Food preparation, cooking and table setting
12:00-12:50               Lunch & break time

13:00-13:10               Check-in!
13:10-15:50               3-4 STEAM sciences
15:50-16:00               Bring STEAM projects home!

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