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Culinary Camper Summer Camp

This camp helps ready yourself for a fun and delicious outdoor campfire in the summer with your family. The camp starts with a camping 101 lesson to show you how to plan, pack and set up camp food. Then camper will get to learn cooking techniques and imagine a campfire through hand’s on craft. Expect food to be cooked and served differently in this camp!

Daily Program:
10:00-10:10 Be there and get ready for the day
10:10-12:20 The 1st recipe : Food preparation, cooking and table setting
12:20-13:00 Lunch & break time
13:00-14:30 Themed Art/Craft/Story
14:30-16:00 The 2nd recipe : summer themed dessert and food presentation art
16:00 End of today's program

Half Day : $1,800
Day : $3,000 
Half day of the whole week : $7800
2 camps for 10% off

For more summer camp information, please refer to STEAM Science and Cooking Summer Camp

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