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2024 STEAM Science and Cooking Spring Camp

Little bunnies, hop on to Kidchen Club this Spring Break for a fun-filled week of adventurous and delicious good time! Our splendid‘Spring Cooking & STEAM Science Camp’ will give you an intensive, hands-on culinary experience allowing you to create an amazing array of mouthwatering, spring inspired savory and sweet recipes with a creative twist.
You will also get to know new bunny buddies and work together to explore and experiment series of spring science and art projects. Our campers will surely have a sensational Spring break ever!

Check out the video:

📆3/29 & 4/1-4/5 10am-4pm
👨Age: 4-10 years old
Half Day camp : $1,900
One day camp : $3,400 
Half day of the whole week camp : $8500
A full week camp:$13,800
2 students sign up one week for receiving 10% off
Venue :
Neihu Branch

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